Caribbean Villas

Caribbean Villas

We first discovered Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast about 10 years ago and we’ve made an annual pilgrimage there ever since.  During Farm of Life's heaviest month of rainy season, the Caribe is having their beautiful dry season.  It was a no-brainer.  We closed Farm of Life every October and went to the Caribbean. 

Every year we kept going back and every time we loved it. The Caribe is a place where the forest meets the sea, wildlife is abundant, and the ocean is full of treasures. Eventually, we realized we want to spend our golden years living here…. so, naturally, we bought a gorgeous piece of beachfront property. 

We will soon open Caribe Villas on this priceless property.  Just as we did here at Farm of Life, we’ll transform the land into a vibrant sanctuary, connected to the rhythm of nature, the birds, the forest and ocean.  Construction is just getting started now in 2024. It will take some time to prepare the campus fully to open. 

We will put up 3 vacation rentals, a home for ourselves and a therapy room.  The villas will each have 2 bedrooms with air conditioning. They will be complete homes with full-service kitchens, living spaces and plunge pools.  We use well water and rainwater.  We have parking off to one side to create a walking campus.  Brian will continue to offer his energy sessions and we'll have massage available.  

Guests will have a private path to access Playa Chiquita. We personally adore Playa Chiquita – it is a quintessential Caribbean beach with white sand, turquoise sea and coral reef right off of the shore.  We love snorkeling here! Over the years, we've observed the reef is healthy and growing.  Our stretch of beach is a special area called the Pools. Ancient coral reef has created pockets of pools that are protected from the waves.  Families and children love to swim here.

The Great Green Macaws bless our skies with their playful (and talkative) behavior.  One of their nests is on our property.  Monkeys are always cruising by, enjoying the forest that surrounds the property.

There are grocery stores and farmer’s markets in the immediate area, as well as plenty of exceptional restaurants.  We have beach bikes available for guests to use to get around.  Fun outings are to use the bikes to cruise and beach hop, to visit the Jaguar Rescue Center and the Green Macaw Ara Project.  Yoga classes are available at the nearby studios or do your own on the beach. 

We’ve put a lot of intention towards making this Caribe dream a reality. Now, in 2024, things are taking off for us. We will share our updates as our journey continues to evolve.  Stay tuned.  

Enjoy these photos we've captured over the years in our Caribe paradise!

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