Yoga is offered 6-days a week every morning. Classes are traditional Hatha Yoga, flow Vinyasana, Pranayama and Yin Yoga and are also tailored to meet the needs of the students. Yoga privates are available for $60 an hour.

Qigong is offered on Sunday mornings. Qigong class emphasizes self-healing, chi (energy) cultivation, joint mobility, inner alchemy, gentle circular movements and meditative breathing. It balances Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements, detoxifies the skin, brain, and internal organs, nourishes the joints, optimizes immunity, rejuvenates and increases vitality.

Ecstatic Dance is offered once a week.  This is a journey of movement with soul-inspiring world rhythms that move you through the vibrations of the 7 chakras.  Through the simple act of dancing with yourself, you play and pray yourself through new layers of liberation and inhibition.   

Water Aerobics is offered once a week.  Aerobics in the water is an excellent practice that builds muscle and cardiovascular health, while also being gentle and low-impact on the joints.  Since Jody grew up with Rheumatoid Arthritis, naturally she is an excellent and sympathetic teacher of Water Aerobics.

All movement classes are $5 a session. 

Meditation and Workshops
Meditation classes and workshops are offered throughout the week. Instructors present a variety of methods and meditation experiences, ranging from stillness to active meditations, from listening to Depak or doing Yoga Nidra.  Guests gain practice and experience with quieting the mind, and learn new meditation methods too.   

Sound Therapy (complimentary) uses the Gong and/or 7 Tibetan Signing Bowls to invoke a deep state of relaxation. Meditating on the subtle sounds and vibrations of the 7 bowls opens and harmonizes the chakras, while the Gong vibrates across the spectrum of creation, Om. Sound therapy sessions assists in entering into meditation, has a centering effect and synchronizes left/right brain.

Sungazing (complimentary) is Brian’s daily practice and he would love to share it with you! Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian and Mayan practice where the gazer cycles earth and solar energies and receives innumerable healing benefits.

Forgiveness is an essential tool for healing and is a topic we often talk about with our guests.  Our forgiveness workshop (complimentary) focuses on two spiritual technologies in particular:  Ho’oponono and Radical Forgivness.

Expand your clean cuisine repertoire with food demonstrations ($40). Learn to make unbelievably delicious and healthy dishes, whether cooked or raw, that are vibrant in flavor, color, life force and nutrition.

Cacao Ceremony ($20) are offered about once a month. Cacao is a food of the Gods!  Our wise Aztec and Mayan ancestors knew of the sacred medicinal properties of Cacao and they consumed it abundantly in their royal courts and for ceremony. We create a uniquely profound ceremonial experience for you by bringing together the cacao medicine with divinely-inspired purification rituals, meditation, healing touch, and Ecstatic Dance to assist in opening the heart and spirit.

Women’s Full Moon circles (complimentary) are held monthly, the purpose of which is to gather in an intentional way, bringing forward ideas and practices, both new and ancient, to gift ourselves with a deeper knowing and embrace of our feminine nature and divinity. 

Vapassana, also known as silence meditation, can be arranged at our neighbor Secret’s casita in the woods. In absolute solitude for 24-hours, fasting from food, speaking and belongings, Vapassana is your opportunity to be present with yourself.  $40 for 24-hours. 

Spa Services
Massage can be scheduled upon request.  There are multiple therapists to choose from.  Our one favorite therapist, Topher of Biocharmisa, offers a polarity-balancing, trigger-point massage that is divine! $70 for 75-minutes.

BioDialetic Therapy Sessions with Secret are also available upon request.  Secret is a powerful, intuitive healer.  Her role is to serve as a witness to your body’s own intelligence and to guide it forward.  The sessions are very still and quiet.  At a minimum, you will experience profound levels of relaxation where deep deep healing occurs, and at a maximum you will receive visions and messages.  $70 for 75-minutes. 

Reiki is available with our own Brian Calvi (complimentary).  Brian moves light and energy through you, while you simply relax, breath, let go and allow the energy points to release.  Energetic blocks will be cleared, leaving you energetically clear and open. 

Colon cleansing is available. Our system is similar to an open-colonic system. Colon cleansing removes the build up of solid waste in the colon and helps to rapidly eliminate gaseous waste from the blood.  $30 a session. 

Health Tools
Crystal Gem Light Therapy is available by donation. The device combines Light therapy, Quartz Crystal therapy, and Pulse Magnetic Frequency Therapy, which altogether strengthens the field around the human body. Therapeutic colors of light are pulsed through gem and mineral filled Vogel-cut crystals. It delivers the energetic signatures and vibrational patterns of gems and minerals to the chakras, glands, and water of the body, resulting in relaxation and rejuvenation, expanded consciousness, and a renewed and revitalized body, mind, and spirit. 

The Molecular Enhancer is also available to guest by donation to help revitalize the body. A simple 30-minute charge on this device and guests can raise the body’s energy to heal itself. The Molecular Enhancer uses multi-wave oscillations rather than direct current.

Plant Medicine
This Diamante Valley that we call home is a powerful vortex of healing energy.  It is no surprise then, that equally powerful shamans and indigenous plant spirit medicines are prevalent in our region of Costa Rica.  Our guests are welcome to connect with the shamans and attend their ceremonies.  Typically, grandmother Ayahuasca ceremonies are offered on most weekends and certainly on solstices and equinoxes.   Online schedules are not available, except for this one with Florestral

Journey-work teaches us on profound levels and in mystical ways.  The intelligence of sacred plants assimilates with your innate intelligence.  From there, you will re-member who you are from Source and gain a deeper understanding of the Universe that resides within you.   You can quickly heal shame, regret, anger, jealously, envy and disease.  Experiencing your sublime, sacred self brings to you a divine healing that far surpasses other healing modalities.  Through your mind, heart, spirit and body, you're able to find healing at depths that may have otherwise eluded you.

Sacred plant medicine work is magnified when integrated with the full-spectrum healthy lifestyle taught at Farm of Life.   From eating healthy, sound and light therapy, yoga and connecting with the elements, you are able to lighten the density, elevate your consciousness and prepare your body, mind and spirit. When integrated with the magical spirit medicines, you can immerse even deeper into exploring your expanded self. 

It's Currently Dry Season

Dry Season
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  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
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