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Several blogs and magazines, both online and in print, have run stories about Farm of Life.  Journalists and bloggers visit the farm and feel inspired to post stories about their experience or include Farm of Life in their rankings.  Farm of Life is listed as a top 10 Yoga Retreat, one of 48 pampering destination for vegans, as the land of health and happiness, and as a top 10 unique and sustainable place to stay for health and green travel. 

Cosmic City by Louise Ellis, a Farm of Life repeat guest

Costa Rica - sloths, toucans and trees

John Kohler from GrowYourOwnGreens and OKRaw
In April 2012, John Kohler posted this thorough video review of Farm of Life, our campus and everything going on.  So much has changed since 2012 - the greenhouse has matured, the campus has new features too!

Healthy Travel Hacks
Top 48 Pampering, Hearty Destinations For Vegans. 

Retreat Kula
Top 20 Affordable Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Rob Greenfield TV
We love this guy, Rob Greenfield, and everything he does.  Please follow him online to stay up-to-date on his unique form of activism. In 2014, Rob visited Farm of Life while traveling through Central America without any possessions and relying completely on other people's generosity.  Naturally, we took him in for a bit.  He wrote about us on this blog:  The Farm of Life, Costa Rica: The Land of Health and Happiness.  

“If ever I found a place with all the tools for happiness it came last week on the Farm of Life, Costa Rica. Here I found my happiness beaming like the sun… If you ask me where you can go to pave a new life into health and happiness, the Farm of Life is what I’ll answer.”

Hemingway's Heart 
A Quality of Life, Plant-Powered Podcast, by Robyn Hemingway
Podcast about her experience at Farm of Life during 2016 visit.   

The BioCharisma Podcast by Christopher Gardner
1.  Interview with Brian Calvi 
2.  Interview with Jody Calvi 

Chris Kendall of the Raw Advantage
1.  His Amazing Farm Tour at The Farm of Life in Costa Rica. 
2.  Chris’ interview with Brian about Sungazing. 

Yoga Magazine, UK, May 2013
The Unforgettable Costa Rican Retreat: Drastically changing people’s health and inspiring lives.  By Anna Rogers. 

“It’s wonderful to discover a place like the Farm of Life where emphasis is on helping people achieve health and happiness and all at a very low price tag.”

Yoga Magazine, Germany, August 2013
Top 10 Yoga Retreats in the World

Get Fresh Magazine. 2011 Winter edition
Pure Paradise:  Anna Rogers detoxes at Farm of Life, Costa Rica.  By Anna Rogers.  

“Farm of Life is like that – so inspiring and impacts you in such a deep way that you want everybody you love to come and experience what Brian and Jody have to offer.”

Natural Awakenings, Naples, Florida, 2012  

Yoga Magazine, USA and UK.  September 2011
Health, Wellness and Green Travel in Costa Rica: 10 Unique and Sustainable Places to Stay, by Anna Rogers. 

Healthy Bliss Blog by Jennifer Thompson.
Fasting Retreat, Organic Raw Food & Total Relaxation at Farm of Life in Costa Rica.  

“If there is such a place as the Garden of Eden, this could be it! Finca de Vida is a raw food, juice fasting, yoga and detox retreat center in the hills of Costa Rica and just gives you that “this is a place to heal” feeling as soon as you arrive.”

Ka Sundance of the Raw Food Family
Interview with Brian

Vibrance Magazine, Fall 2010, Issue 5
Farm of Life, Costa Rica.  The Healthy Lifestyle Vacation Destination.

Seraphic Journey
Divinely Inspired Travel Blog by Amanda Froelich, prior Head Chef of Farm of Life. 
Top 20 Things I’ll Miss About Finca de Vida in Costa Rica.  

“Words cannot express all of the magical times that have happened, nor the many lessons I’ve learned during this stay… But I will do my best to examine just some of the things I’ll miss about this oasis.”

The Blissful Kitchen by Jamie Wagener, prior Head Chef of Farm of Life
Today is a Good Day for Goodbye.

“One of the simplest, and yet most profound and beautiful gifts I received, is the art of living in the moment. In simply just BE-ing. I have heard this SO many times and yet never truly grasped it. Now I totally get it.”

Miss Eco Glam
Anna Rogers pent 2011 in Costa Rica, attending a Farm of Life Retreat and detox program.

Itamar Blumenfeld’s
Interview with Brian Calvi

Be Life Simple, Romanian Blog
Interview with Brian and Jody Calvi, Owners of Farm of Life. Also, they posted interviews with our Raw Chef and Guests too.

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