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Meet the Team

Your Hosts, Brian and Jody
Your hosts, husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, are often described as the perfect compliment to one another, the Yin and the Yang of Farm of Life.  While Brian is an adept visionary and teacher, Jody is the maestra of details.  They keep a pulse on the needs of the guests, farm, employees, volunteers, etc and together manage nearly every aspect of farm life.  Brian and Jody are attentive to the guest experience, seeking excellence for you in all aspects.  They specifically provide assistance, education, support and motivation, arranging tours and services, guiding tours, giving health coaching, sound therapy, water aerobics and reiki, teaching workshops and Qigong and so much more.  

Healer in Residence, Carmen Sanz

Carmen Sanz has a deep love and appreciation for yoga, breathwork, sound healing and energy medicine. At Farm of Life, she offers all of these modalities on a regular basis to assist the guests on their healing journeys and integration.  

Carmen's daily yoga offering draws from her background in Hatha, Qi-gong, Vinyasa, Yin, Raja, Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy. She cares to make yoga accessible and inclusive, allowing students to go inward and discover their inner peace, both on and off the mat. 

Carmen is a practitioner of sound healing, breathwork and energy medicine. Sound and frequency is truly the medicine where the ancient meets the future. Breathwork helps us access parts of ourselves that are buried or otherwise inaccessible. By combining breathwork with sound and reiki, we tune into different vibrations and frequencies that ease the healing journey. Here at Farm of Life, we have a gong, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drums, flutes, rattles, chimes and more!    

In sound we are born, in sound we are healed. 

Head Vegan Chef, Ariana Crespo

Ariana has been the Head Chef at Farm of Life since 2020. It has been our absolute joy to have her sharing our home with us.  She is an extraordinary vegan Chef and such a delightful soul.  

In the kitchen as Head Chef, Ariana loves to prepare healthy, delicious, raw and cooked plant-based meals made with love, care and nutrition. Her recipes features our fresh, organic, tropical fruits and vegetables.  She uses wild herbs from the farm to boost both the flavor and nutrition of her dishes. Our guests love participating in her food demonstrations, where she teaches food cuisine in a way that is accessible to us all! Come and try Ariana's healthy conscious meals - you will be surprised at how tasty healthy food can be!

Ariana is devoted to the medicine path and is a medicine musician. When she isn't cooking, she is practicing on guitar, djembe and the many other instruments she uses. For her free time, she plays music at ceremonies at the local temples. You can hear her beautiful voice on Soundcloud

Massage Therapist, Jack Seidel 

Jack offers the Raynor Naturopathic Massage, a holistic system of deep tissue massage that focuses on the muscular, skeletal, and subtle body energy systems. Jack finds the root of tension in the body, works to release this residual tension so the system may harmonize body, mind and emotions.

Our Costa Rican Staff

We have 5 staff hired from our nearby village – 3 farm workers and 2 maids.  We know with total clarity that we could never do this without them… their knowledge of the tropics, their innate desire to be in service, their physical strength, willingness to work hard and wise counsel have kept us afloat since the beginning.  With Om so much gratitude for Beto, Emilio, Ronal, Lili and Ruth!

The Founders - Brian and Jody Calvi

The Founders of Farm of Life, husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, were motivated to open a natural healing center. They both suffered through chronic disease and used natural healing to re-discover vibrant health.  Their personal healing processes was a windy road of trial and error, finding self-love and acceptance, learning the body’s ability to heal from the inside out and trusting Great Spirit.  They saw a world misled by the dominant paradigm and felt compelled to offer an alternative, affordable and purposeful, healing center that was for the people.

In 2007, Brian and Jody purchased 42 acres of abandoned cattle pasture and built up a world-class natural healing and retreat center.  They founded Farm of Life as a healing space for people to find their path back to health.  They intentionally created a space that was deeply connected to the healing properties of water, earth, air and fire, that served nutritious raw & vegan foods and gave guests sanctuary to reconnect with their higher selves.

For 17-years, they were the stewards of this great land and held space for all the guests.  Guests visit Farm of Life to heal, transform, and benefit from our healthy environment, nourishing raw vegan foods, life inspiration and spiritual guidance.  While at the farm, guests practice living a healthier lifestyle, plus enjoy an incredible vacation in a tropical paradise.

For Brian and Jody Calvi, Farm of Life was a large canvass, and they were the painters. It was the truest pleasure to work with nature and create a thing of such beauty; to work with talented healers & Chefs and give them space to share their inspiration; and to work with the guests and allow their transformations to unfold. 

In 2024, the Founders moved off the mountain and over to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  The Caribe is a place where the forest meets the sea, wildlife is abundant, and the ocean is full of treasures. Brian & Jody have great love for this area and decided to create a downsized & streamlined life for themselves with beachfront vacation rentals.  Just as they did at Farm of Life, they transformed the land into a vibrant sanctuary, connected to the rhythm of nature, the birds, the forest and sea. 

The vacation rentals each have 2 bedrooms with air conditioning, full-service kitchens, living space and plunge pools.  Brian will continue to offer his energy sessions and we'll offer the medicine work too.  Guests have a private path to access Playa Chiquita – a quintessential Caribbean beach with white sand, turquoise sea and coral reef right off of the shore. The Great Green Macaws bless our skies with their playful (and talkative) behavior.  Monkeys are always cruising by, enjoying the forest that surrounds the property.

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • May — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.