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Typical Week

A Typical Day at Farm of Life

6:00 am: Daybreak and sungazing meditation 
7:00 am: Yoga or Qigong
8:30 am: Prepare your own breakfast.
9:30 am: Tour to a local waterfall, beach, jungle hike or organic market
3:00 pm: A selection of classes are offered, such as guided meditation, sound bath, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance and water aerobics.
5:30 pm: Dinner.  We all gather together in the dining hall.  Prepare your own meal or opt-in for a Chef-made meal.
7:00 pm: Evening activities include a campfire, movie night, game night, quiet time and inspiring conversation around the table.
9:00 pm: Generally, we all tuck in early so that we can rise with the sun the next morning.

​A Typical Week at Farm of Life

Below features our weekly program during our regular season every June through mid-January (except we are closed in October).


Morning:  Nayaca Waterfall 
Afternoon: A Focused Workshop, such as on forgiveness


Morning:  Local Farmers Market
Afternoon: Cacao ceremony with ecstatic dance or spiritual art


Morning:  Peacefalls
Afternoon:  Sound Bath


Morning: Hike to Jewel of the Sun
Afternoon:  Free Time

Morning:  Waterfall Tour of Choice
Afternoon:  Guided Meditation

All-day:  Beach Excursion

Morning:  Qigong and/or Water Aerobics
Afternoon:   Guided Meditation

A Typical 7-Day Retreat at Farm of Life

Every January through April we host retreats with a leader in the field of Yoga, Health, Raw Food and/or Plant Medicine.  Below is an example of a typical retreat itinerary.  However, each of our retreats feature their own special mix of tours, services and facilitation from the retreat leader.  All meals are catered at retreats. Please check our retreat listing for the exact itinerary.   


Meet at the Beach, lunch served.  
Mid-afternoon arrival to the farm.  
Check into rooms & Orientation
Dinner, followed by an Opening Circle


Morning Yoga and breakfast
Campus tour
Tour to Nayaca Waterfall with lunch
Health coaching session with the facilitator
Dinner, followed by Sound Bath


Morning Yoga and breakfast
Tour to Amy's Space of Love
Lunch on campus
Health coaching session with the facilitator
Dinner, followed by Qigong


Morning Yoga and breakfast
Beach excursion with Surfing Lessons and lunch
Raw food demonstration
Dinner, followed by Q&A with the facilitator

Early breakfast
Diamante waterfall hike
Dinner, followed by Movie Night


Morning Yoga and breakfast
On-campus rest day
Massages scheduled all-day
Art project
Health coaching session with the facilitator
Ecstatic Dance class, followed by dinner

Morning Yoga and breakfast
Tour to Peacefalls with lunch
Education session
Dinner, followed by closing campfire



It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • June — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • May, Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.