Cacao Farm For Sale

For Sale 

Everything you need to sustain an off grid life style and income producing business.

Entire farm, 27 hectares (67 acres): 234,000,000.00 colones, (us$410k)


  • Chocolate Farm, primary forest, and agricultural land
  • House & Yoga Studio destination point for guests

Separated parcels can be offered on request

This is a rare opportunity to own a 60-acre cacao farm, with award-winning cacao trees, many other fruit tree types, pasture for horses and cattle, agricultural land, the original farmhouse, potential home sites for building, virgin forest and spectacular mountain views.  It is such a unique and beautiful land with so much potential.  Develop a brand and reputation with the heirloom beans. Turn it into a therapeutic destination for chocolate enthusiasts.  Retire here and enjoy a simple life on this abundant land. Or live elsewhere and operate the cacao production from afar, as we did for many years.

The farm has 19 acres of mature cacao trees.  The beans have been registered by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund as “Heirloom Quality and Flavor”.  It produces four to six thousand kilos (9,000 to 13,000 pounds) of dried beans a year.

The virgin forest (8 acres) is incredibly beautiful, with enormous old growth trees and rare tropical birds. A lovely trail winds through it. This is the last remaining protected virgin forest in the area. What's amazing about this forest is the easy access. Normally native forest in Costa Rica is found only on steep slopes with difficult access. To get to our forest you just walk up a small hill. 

There are abundant mature tropical fruit trees producing yields of guanabana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, jack fruit, caimito, zapote negro, zapote rosa, limon, banana, platano, café, pineapple, mangosteen, starfruit and about 15 coconut palms. We have additionally planted native hardwood trees for reforestation. There is a mature bamboo plantation of different types of construction bamboo and special bamboo for making instruments.

The balance of the land--about 43 acres--is gently rolling pasture for horses or cattle and agriculture.

The views are stunning, looking out to the Talamanca mountain range. There are several potential home sites with great views of the river valley and the mountains.

The farm is completely off the grid and uses a modest solar power system. There are two natural springs on the property, additionally, the water table is very high and it would be easy to dig a well pretty much anywhere on the property. A nearby river (Rio Coto) with great swimming holes is only a 20 minute walk away.

There is also the original farmhouse, which is in need of repair, but has a good foundation, plumbing and a convenient location.  It could be ready to live in with a few weeks of TLC. In this working zone, there is also a drying rack and fermentation boxes. The current owners built a wood cabin and separate yoga studio situated as a destination spot overlooking the Talamanca mountains. The cabin is built from sustainably harvested local cedar & eucalyptus with amarillón hardwood floors.

The farm is completely organic, although not certified. The altitude is about 1650 feet, perfect for any type of farming one could imagine. The soil is ideal--everything grows here. This could be a permaculture paradise. The workers on the farm have been there for 15 years. They love the property and have the know-how to grow and process the cacao beans and caretake the other rich produce found on the farm.

This is a place time seems to have stopped. There are very few cars--people mostly get around on horseback or foot. Good dirt road access (4x4 only). This farm has several access roads which remain in pristine condition for being so remote. The farm location in Bonanza is remote, yet is only a 40 minute drive to the historic town of San Vito with its shopping centers and one of the best hospitals in Costa Rica.

Here is a blog we created profiling our life, projects, photos and a sense of what it is like living on the land and producing cacao.  

For more information and to schedule your tour of the property, please contact me (Secret) at and WhatsApp 506 (country code) 8382-6245

Please enjoy this video and some photos of the property!




234,000,000.00 colones (us$410k)


27-Hectares (67-Acres)


WhatsApp: 506-8382-6245


o   Located near a remote village named Bonanza in Southern Central, Costa Rica
o   It is 2-hours south of San Isidro del General and 40-minute drive to the historic town of San Vito with it's shopping centers and one of the best hospitals in Costa Rica.

8°55'09.2"N 83°02'47.1"W


o   19-acres of mature cacao trees
o   Produces 4,000- 6,000 kilos (9,000 - 13,000 lbs) per year
o   Heirloom Quality & Flavor
o   Organic, but not certified organic
o   Working cacao plantation zone with fermentation boxes, drying racks, etc.
o   Trained employees (of 15 years) willing to carry on the labor and skill

The Land
o   19-acres of mature cacao trees
o   8-acres primary forest with old growth trees, rare tropical birds & abundant tropical fruit trees
o   43-acres of gentle rolling pasture, ideal for cattle and horses
o   Idyllic views of the Talamanca mountains and river
o   Altitude 1,650 feet

o   Original farmhouse with good foundation, plumbing & convenient location, needs some TLC
o   Several potential homesites with views of mountains and river

o   2 natural springs
o   Water supply from a pristine spring
o   Good 4x4 road access

Further Purchase Option

There is an option to purchase another 7-acres for $175,000 that is contingent with this land, naturally segregated by a creek.  Includes:
o   House, 650 square feet
o   Yoga studio, 475 square feet
o   Built from sustainably harvested local cedar & eucalyptus with amarillón hardwood floors
o   Modest solar system
o   Water supply from a pristine spring
o   Good 4x4 road access

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

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