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Working Vacation

Digital Nomads
A new wave of people are flocking to Costa Rica: the digital nomads, remote workers and remote freelancers.  Seeking a coliving situation where they can settle for a month or more and be productive with their telecommuting, entrepreneur lifestyle.  

Farm of Life offers the perfect set up for the health conscious, working vacation. Digital nomads can work online, while immersed in our healthy lifestyle, easy-paced, tropical paradise. What a privilege to live and work at a fully operational retreat center! You can get your work done, take your personal journey to wellness and benefit from all the amenities of this epic campus. We have high-speed Wifi in every guest room and the dining hall, so you can optimally attend to your work requirements. Discounts for monthly stays.

There are many reasons why coliving at the Farm of Life is such a perfect setup:

  • Perfect blend of barefoot luxury, intimacy with nature & modern amenities
  • All-day access to fruit and vegetable buffet and coconuts too
  • Affordable rates with discounts for monthly stays
  • Exciting life of jungle tours, waterfalls, ceremonies, ecstatic dance & more
  • Daily morning yoga so you can deepen your practice
  • Co-living with a community who share in wellness goals
  • Daily schedule of health & adventure, movement & stillness, focus & fun  
  • On-site Vegan Chef for hire
  • Access to all the amenities on this epic campus!
  • No need to rent a car
  • High-speed Wifi

Health Conscious, Telework Vacations

There is no better place to take care of your body & soul, while getting your work done and keeping your frequency high! Remote entrepreneurs can accomplish two goals at once here: work and transformation too! Farm of Life appeals to anyone seeking to embody healthier habits. Not all digital nomads will appreciate this experience. But, if you are also seeking a place to nourish your body and soul, we are the perfect fit!

Our schedule makes it possible to live, work, play and experience the most exceptional quality of life. We rise with yoga and a green juice.  Then you can go on a tour or stay back and work. Take a break with a swim in the chemical-free pool, share in positive vibes in the communal kitchen or get a massage.  Make a tropical smoothie and return to your job. You can opt-into the afternoon activity, hire the Chef to make you a healthy vegan dinner and join us for the evening activity.   

WiFi in the Jungle
We have reliable, fiber optic internet. We stream 15-30 MGs direct to each guest room and the dining hall. The internet speed is both for uploading and downloading and is more than enough for you to tend to your emails, Zoom calls, streaming and more.

We've made big improvements in our communications infrastructure, adding fiber optic in 2020, which transformed our guest experience and now makes us a competitive force for the digital nomad.  Because fiber optic lines run all the way to the farm, we only lose internet if electricity goes out. 

Economical, Long-Term Discounts
We offer a 20% discount off our room rates to anyone who stays more than 30-nights. For example, the single rate for a month is $1,920, $2,400 or $3,120 USD, depending on the room. For a couple, it is $2,610, $3,150 or $3,870 total.  We can also accommodate families. Rates do not include sales tax.  

These monthly rates include:

  • Private Accommodation
  • Communal kitchen with all-day fruit and vegetable buffet
  • Campus amenities
  • No need for you to rent a car

We accommodate long-term visits every June - September and November-January annually. 

Costa Rica offers a 90-day visa for tourists. If you want to stay longer, we can help you make your border run.  We have to do this for our volunteers anyway, driving to Panama for the day.

As an added incentive, if you spend over 60 or more days with us, then we'll bump up your discount to 30% starting the 3rd month.

Transportation Needs
Let us take care of transportation and save yourself the expense of renting a vehicle. We have weekly tours to the farmers market and the beach, both locations where you can attend to your personal shopping. Plus, we visit waterfalls throughout the week.  Our tours are priced low so you can participate as often as you want!

It is very hands-off for you.  We take care of the fruit and vegetable shopping and put forth a daily and weekly schedule with tours and offerings.  You simply live, work and play to your hearts desire!

Bloggers have access to such incredible content that they can blog about. From the farm, tours, health coaching, people and lifestyle, there are countless ways for bloggers to inspire their audience.  

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • June — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • May, Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.