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Food for Life
Farm of Life encourages thoughtful, healthy meals that come from the earth. We feature an organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food communal kitchen.  We eat directly from our own thriving, organic greenhouse and fruit orchards, and we source from local farmers too. Treat yourself to nourishing juices and scrumptious exotic salads. Pick your fruit from the orchards. Learn all about plant-based eating and how to prepare it. We offer our guests an economical, self-catered holiday, where they prepare their own meals in a communal kitchen. Or, opt for dinner specials prepared by our talented Chef at an additional cost.

Communal Kitchen
An abundance of seasonal, organic and local fruits and vegetables are awaiting you in the communal kitchen. This beautiful kitchen offers guests a unique vacation experience. We stock the kitchen with local, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables and all the kitchen tools you need.  You prepare your own meals, smoothies, salads and juices (up to16 oz per day). The nightly rate includes using the communal kitchen and fruits and vegetables.

This set-up is best for...

  • an affordable travel option
  • a long-term visit
  • practicing a healing diet
  • connecting with healing foods
  • traveling out and about often

The kitchen is ultra-convenient for guests to use. It has a refrigerator and stove, and is stocked with kitchenware, dinnerware, cookware, utensils, blenders, juicer, mixer, dehydrator, organic fruits and vegetables from the farm and local area, and a dishwashing station to clean up after yourself.

Occasionally at the evening meal, multiple guests are preparing their dinners and a potluck gathering evolves. Often, guests are on different schedules and use the space separate of one another. Some take fruit to-go and others eat-in. Some guests prepare their own meals, and other order from our Chef’s delightful specials.

If you want more than 16-ounces of juice a day, you are welcome to make more for yourself, however there will be an additional fee based purely on the cost of ingredients.  Please give us advance notice.

Meal Service
Relax without the inconvenience of meal preparation. We do not have a restaurant.  However, we do serve dinner in the Harvest House for an additional cost. Chef Anna prepare extraordinary meals, but these are not included in the nightly rate.  This feature is for Farm of Life guests only.  

Our Chef prepares a nightly special and guest can opt for a hearty meal ($16), a superfood salad ($10) or a detox salad ($8) plus sales tax and gratuity. Let the Chef know your dinner preference by breakfast each day. 

Chef Lacey prepares fantastic meals that are absolutely delicious, nutritious and balanced.  Anna has a deep enthusiasm for preparing foods.  She prepares meals farm-to-table, finding creative ways to create using all the tropical delights that are available in Costa Rica and from the farm.  Her meals receive rave reviews!  

If you are seeking a fully-catered (3-meals-a-day) program, then please join us for one of our All-Inclusive Retreats which we host January-April annually. Retreats are fully catered with either vegetarian or raw food menu, depending on the focus of the retreat.

What Foods are Available?
We stock the communal kitchen with an abundance of fruits and vegetables., including coconuts, avocadoes, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and bananas.  Seasonal exotic fruits include mamey sapote, star apple, rambutan, mangosteens, snake fruit, dragon fruit, Surinam cherry, dragon fruit and so many more. We also have a greenhouse with a wide selection of lettuces, greens and herbs, which you can harvest for your salads and juices.  This produce is all complimentary with your nightly rate. 

If you want other food ingredients, please bring your own. Bring your own nuts, seeds, superfoods, seaweed, grains, spices, condiments, oils, etc.  We have pantry and fridge space where you can store your personal grocery items. You can buy groceries at the markets at the beach and even in our village, but the selection is limited and organic is rare.  Or, bring grocery items with you in your luggage – keep them in their original, sealed packaging in order to pass customs.  If you are coming to Farm of Life for healing, then you will be discouraged from eating nuts and seeds, so leave them at home.

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • June — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • May, Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.