Nayaca Waterfall
The Nayaca waterfall is our village’s jewel. An amazing waterfall with 2 majestic drops, a large swimming pool and caves. $30 per person, a 20-minute drive and 30-minute moderate hike to access the falls. Duration 3-4 hours.

Jewel of the Sun 
Jewel of the Sun (La Joya del Sol) is our backyard playground. Hike from Farm of Life to this neighboring farm.  Enjoy various walking trails and destinations to waterfalls, swimming holes and Avatar rock.  An exhilarating workout. $5 donation. Duration 3-5 hours.

Beach Excursions
We drive to the beach once a week (45-minute drive) and visit either the beautiful, unspoiled Baru beach located in a nature preserve, or the eccentric beach town of Dominical, a popular beach for surfing, shopping and restaurants. $40 per person. Duration 5-7 hours. 

Waterfalls on the Diamante River

The Diamante River is the most vitalizing river around! Plus, she brings us the Goddess Falls and Lower Falls too. $25 per person. A 20-minute drive and 10-minute walk. Duration 2-3 hours. 

Hike to a private piece of paradise. The Peacefalls are quaint, intimate and intoxicating! $25 per person. A 15-minute drive and 20-minute nature walk. Duration 2-3 hours. 

Organic Farmers Market
The local market brings forth an incredible variety of exotic produce, homemade plant-based treats, arts and crafts and our likeminded neighbors. Operated by the not-for-profit Vida Authentica, the market cultivates the growth of healthy communities and sustainable food production. In this photo, a homegrown altar at the annual seed festival. $10 per person fee for local transportation.  Duration 3 hours. 

Diamante Waterfall
The Diamante waterfall is Costa Rica’s tallest drop at 600ft. Join Pacific Journeys tours for an epic day-hike to the Diamante waterfall, plus tour a garden sanctuary, the shaman’s cave and cool off in majestic swimming holes. Be blown away by extraordinary beauty and fun, all-day hiking and playing.  Overnight and rappelling options are available.  $60 per person.  Duration 6-9 hours.

Manual Antonio National Park
The Manual Antonio National Park is a 1.5-hour drive from Farm of Life and features Caribbean-esque beaches with wildlife sightings, nature hikes, and a touristy town full of shops and restaurants. The nearby zipline is high-thrill.  Our favorite taxi driver Roberto can be your guide for the day for $180 with space for up to 4 passengers.  He’ll escort you to wherever you want to go.

Flying Trapeze
Airborne Arts features a professional trapeze rig in our village, just a 10-minute drive. First-timers learn the knee-hang and nearly always also get caught by the catcher too. $80. Very well facilitated by coach Jonathon and you are harnessed in safely. Face your fears, hear your self-talk, challenge yourself to new levels and experience the thrill of flying!

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases animals back to the wild. They offer guided tours daily, where you are certain to meet a variety of birds and mammals and will be inspired to help.  Also, Parque Reptilelandia has rare and venomous animals on display, the kind you’d rather not encounter in the wild.  Both are located near Dominical beach.

Permaculture and Fruit Tree Tours
We offer our guests a complimentary prana, greenhouse, campus and fruit tree tour.  In this photo, Brian is teaching guests about our edible shrubs! Profession permaculture tours offered at nearby farms teach you about sustainable living, permaculture concepts, wild food foraging and exotic fruit trees. $25 per person. Duration 3 hours.

Amy’s Space of Love
Visit our remarkable neighbor Amy and her Space of Love. Learn from her experience living off-grid and in synch with nature.  $40 per person.  Duration 2 hours. 

Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve
Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve is a coastal wildlife refuge (45-min drive). We often visit their beach for the sheer tranquility and beauty of it.  Their campus also offers fun eco-tours, including a medium-thrill zipline, a butterfly garden and more.

Tour companies located out of Dominical beach offer tours for scuba and snorkeling, sea kayaking and whale watching. Also, surfing lessons, SUP, and surfboard rentals are available. The Whale festival at Uvita beach is every September. 

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • May — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.