Retreat Center For Sale

Mountain Boutique Retreat Center for Sale

This retreat center is like no other. Remotely located in the sacred Diamante Valley, this is a very special, well cared for property.  Great love and intention went into creating and sustaining it.  For over a decade, we have performed as a successful, well-established retreat center with tourists and repeat guests who greatly appreciate the value of this nature space and the high-quality accommodations and features. It is a truly beautiful, magical property that is energetically integrated into the surrounding, pristine nature. It is now time to pass along this masterpiece to the next steward of this land.  Asking Price $2,350,000, 42.5 Acres, Turn-key.

The Campus — Barefoot Luxury

At an elevation of 2,000 feet, this boutique mountain lodge sits top a lush green valley with outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean sunsets, pleasant temperatures and cool breezes.  

This property is 42.5 pristine acres and includes 2 houses, 7 guest rooms, dining hall, yoga rancho, swimming pool, spa, greenhouse, solar installation, 2 vehicles and more. Capacity is for 25.  The spacious campus is situated on the top 10 acres and the remainder of the land is left wild for reforestation, old-growth forest or is planted out with fruit orchards, permaculture and ornamental gardens.  

Within the genre of barefoot luxury, this is a first rate, diamond-in-the rough campus.  Our modern amenities include hot showers, screened windows, flush toilets and fiber optic internet (15-30 Mb). Awaken to the songs of howler monkeys from the luxury of your cozy hilltop cottage. Swing in your hammock above infinite views.

Serenity & Wellness

The peacefulness here is priceless. We are located away from tourist areas, roads and noisy neighbors. We enjoy the rhythmic flow and silent peace of nature. We’ve created beautiful sanctuaries for relaxation and restoration. The air is fresh and pure. We walk on easy-to-barefoot trails. Our water comes directly from springs. We bathe in spring-fed pools and eat from the farm’s fruit orchard and the abundant greenhouse.

It is a beautiful, serene location is the perfect backdrop for eco-tourism, wellness tourism, yoga teacher trainings, spiritual-lifestyle co-living, permaculture, farming and more. Revive body & spirit with yoga, spa & eco-tours. Enjoy comfortable accommodations with modern amenities. Hike to epic waterfalls. Swim in the Pacific. De-stress with massage. Practice yoga from a heavenly platform. Thrive on delicious tropical fruits, organic food from the farm and local area. Connect to nature. Deepen your soul connection. 

Our neighborhood boasts the best waterfalls in Costa Rica, including Nayaca, Diamante and smaller jewels like Peacefalls, Jewel of the Sun and the Goddess falls.  Our nearest beach is Dominical, an eccentric surfer town, and many other mesmerizing pristine beaches on the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Plunge into these revitalizing waters and let your body and spirit be cleansed.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

This property is aligned to be sustainable and independent, while not feeling like an off-grid establishment. For food, you have all of the fruit orchards, greenhouse and root vegetables gardens. We make our own soil through composting. We harness water from 2 natural springs. The solar installation is presently tied to the grid, but you can move it over to batteries.  The mine provides us with the material we need to maintain our road. It is a remarkable way to live!

Move-In Ready Business Opportunity

The sale includes the fully established, turn-key, move-in ready, retreat center, hotel, lifestyle business.  Whatever you want to make of it, you can start right away! 

We spent the past 12 years using this space as a vegan, natural healing retreat center, called Farm of Life.  We offer all-inclusive, formal retreats during dry season (January - April) and the remainder of the time we operate like a hotel where guests make reservations as they like, a-la-carte.  You, of course, can create it however you'd like.  

There are multiple business opportunities here.  Aside from wellness, yoga and eco- tourism, you can continue to operate it as a retreat-resort-hotel, formal or informal. Live on-sight or manage it from abroad. Or, morph this property into an intentional community, as a spiritual- co-living ashram, agricultural business, educational facility, live-play-work online scenario or any other creative endeavor that you want to call forward.

There is plenty of available space for expansion too. You can build more homes, guest cabins, a maloca, game room, meeting room - whatever is the best fit for your business model.  One spot is large, flat with ocean views to Manual Antonio and is an ideal location to build the owner's private home.

Watch this for an example of using this property for hosting retreats, in this case a yoga retreat.

This next video is the Farm of Life Welcome video.

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Photos and descriptions of Campus Facilities

Photos and description of the Guest Rooms

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Assets, Financials and Construction.

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This sale consists of: 

  • 42.5 acres of land

  • Physical structures:

    • 2 houses, 7 guest rooms (24 beds)

    • Dining hall with kitchen/restaurant

    • Swimming pool, yoga rancho, spa, bodega/laundry, linen closet, banana hut, greenhouse

  • Utilities:

    • Year-round springs with water pump systems and water storage tanks

    • Solar installation (48 panels, grid-tie)

    • Fiber optic internet with routers

    • Mine for road material

    • Biodigestor septic system

    • Electricity with underground copper wiring

  • Vehicles: 

    • 4x4 pickup truck (Kia 2700, 2013, capacity 6 plus cargo)

    • 4x4 Bongo bus (Kia Bongo 3, 2009, capacity 15)

  • Turn-key business:

    • Furniture, mattresses, bedding & linens, fully-equipped kitchen & dining supplies, appliances, laundry machines, tools & machinery, yoga supplies

    • The exchange of our best practices and training is included.  The sellers will train the new owners so that they know all the in's and out's of operating the business and managing the land and facilities.  

    • We recommend you keep our Costa Rica staff, since they perform their jobs with excellence and they contain the historical knowledge about this farm and how to maintain it.  We will cancel out our contracts with them, pay-out their bonuses and assist you to install new contracts with them.
  • Landscaping, fruit orchards and green zones:

    • Fruit orchards (nearly 400 fruit trees of 80 varieties)

    • Large greenhouse with 26 rows of abundant green growth and rich, vital soil and composting system

    • Ornamental gardens, outdoor meditation platforms, benches, swings and walking trails

    • Old-growth forest with walking trail and exercise platform

    • Cool plunge pool at a fresh-water spring

The Farm of Life Brand is not included with this asking price. We are willing to sell the brand too, for an additional amount, in a separate sales contract. 

  • You may or many not desire it.  It may or may not be aligned with your goals. 
  • We, Brian and Jody Calvi, are going to maintain some loose association with it through our transition.  We are willing to sign a non-compete clause. 
  • The brand includes:  our name, a remarkable reputation, website, social media (FG, IG @ > 4,500 followers each), Farm of Life Family You Tube channel (7,600 subscribers), marketing & promotion placement on online sites (Tripadvisor, Happy Cow, etc), logo, promotional items (buz cards, stickers), promotional products (tshirts, recipe book) and subscription lists (3,700 emails on Mailchimp).
  • 13 years of building up our followers and alumni will bolster your success.
  • People in this lifestyle know who we are and have heard only good things.
  • Our business cards and stickers have been in circulation for 13 years.  
  • The website is beautiful, expressive and has built-up keywords, SEO and solid page rankings.
  • Continuity of guest reservations and retreat facilitators.  Countless followers have Farm of Life on their bucket list and plan to visit one day.  Many alumni make regular repeat visits to Farm of Life. You will see their requests come through your inbox.


Financials can be shared upon request.  

Please understand these important qualifications about our earnings profile:

  1. We live on campus and we incur absolutely $0 personal expenses.  We don't pay rent, utility bills or car repairs.  We don't pay for our food, not even dog food.  Every bit of it is wrapped up into the business expenses.  We are the owners and the managers. We even enjoy the privilege of nightly chef-prepared dinners.  We figure this is easily a $100,000 annual value.  

  2. Twice a year, for 6-weeks each, the business is closed and we take a vacation  For 12-weeks annually, Farm of Life is not generating income.  

  3. We intentionally choose to keep our rates affordable.  It is our mission to reach the middle-class and we do so very well.  We opted for the 1 buffalo approach. Our rates were kept at $80-$130 per night, plus up to 20% discounts for long-term visits.  Looking at what some neighboring retreat centers charge, we know we could easily add $50 per night to our rates.

  4. There is ample space to expand. For example, installing more guest lodgings would proportionally increase earnings.  We choose not to expand.  We find the present capacity very manageable for us and are content with it as it is.

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Construction Details

The resort was built in 2008-2009. Additions were added-on in 2010 (more cabins), 2013 (more cabins), and 2014 (pool). Renovations are made annually, as needed, where needed. This is a well cared for campus and everything is kept in great condition.

Main House:

  • Built in 2009
  • Area: 1,500 square feet
  • Features: main floor and large loft. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath. Open-air structure with enclosed rooms too. Kitchen. Great room. Living room.
  • Building material: Hardwoods purple heart and cedar, concrete, fibrolit, bamboo, tiled and wood floors, zinc roof with cedar lining

House #2

  • Built in 2008
  • Area: 1,080 square feet
  • Features: 1 floor. 4 bedroom, 1 bath. Kitchen. Living room.
  • Building material: Concrete, cob-lined walls, acid washed concrete floors, zinc roof with bamboo lining

Communal Dining Hall

  • Built in 2009
  • Area:  1,110 square feet
  • Features: 1 floor. Open-air structure. 1 large open space containing the kitchen, dining hall and living room space. Enclosed office, kitchen storage rooms and bathroom. Painted mural.
  • Building material: Nispero posts, cinnamon banisters, teak tree trunk, palmex roof, tile floor, Granite countertops, concrete walls

Guest room: Coconut and Monkey Houses (2)

  • Built in 2013
  • Area: each one is 520 square feet
  • Each house is: 1 floor. 1 bedroom with 2 queen beds. Full bath. Large closet. Balcony.
  • Building material: Hardwoods cedar & teak, concrete walls at showers.

Guest room: Cabin in the Orchard (2 guest rooms – Ylang Ylang and Ceiba rooms)

  • Built in 2009.
  • Area: 940 square feet
  • Features: 1 floor. 2 separate bedrooms each with 1 king bed (or 2 twin beds) and full bathroom with outdoor shower. Closets. French doors. Connected balcony. Separate entryways.
  • Building material: Hardwoods purple heart & cedar. Zinc roof with cedar lining.

Guest room: The bunkrooms (Toucan and Macaw)

  • Built in 2010.
  • Area: Each one is 320 square feet
  • Features: 1 floor. Each one is 1 bedroom and 1 indoor bathroom with balcony. Butterfly has 1 queen bed. Toucan and Macaw each have 2 bunk beds.
  • Building material: Hardwood cypress. Fibrolit. Zinc roofs with bamboo & cypress lining. Tile bathroom.

Guest room (Butterfly Suite) and Spa

  • Built in 2010.
  • Area: Each one is 416 feet (diameter 23 feet)
  • Features: Octagon. 1 floor. Open space. Bathroom. Balcony.
  • Building material: Hardwood cypress. Fibrolit. Zinc roofs with bamboo and cypress lining. Tile bathroom.

Yoga Rancho:

  • Built in 2008.
  • Area: 490 feet (diameter 25 feet)
  • Features: Octagon, open-air structure.
  • Building material: Whychopalin posts. Palmex roof. Cypress floor.

Swimming Pool

  • Built in 2014.
  • Size and Volume: 16 meter long and 4 feet deep. 16,000 gallons of water
  • Features: Lap lane (16 meters), beach entrance, sitting ledge, stairs.
  • Building material: Ferocement. Epoxy paint (2019).
  • Equipment: Spectralight ultraviolet pool system with UV light disinfectant system and ultra-energy efficient eco-pump.  


  • Built in 2008.
  • Area: 900 square foot
  • Features: Spacious open-air structure with an extra secure, locked storage room (for tools).
  • Building material: Metal frame, zinc roof, fibrolit interior wall and concrete walls for the secure room.


  • Built in 2009.
  • Area:  3,400 square feet
  • Features: 26-rows, tables, 5 composting bins, worm bin, water hose system.
  • Building material: Bamboo posts. Transparent hard roofing panels. Dirt floor (lol). Perimeter with half-fence and netting.

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Asking Price



42.5 Acres

17.2 Hectares


Costa Rica, Southern Pacific, Diamante Valley, 1-hour from Dominical Beach


2 Houses

Communal Kitchen & Dining

Swimming pool

7 Guest rooms

Yoga rancho



Bodega laundry

4x4 Vehicles (2)

Natural springs (2)

Spring water for drinking

Water pump & storage

Water concession

Solar panels (48)

Fiber optic internet

Mature landscaping

400 fruit trees

80 varieties of fruit trees

Old growth forest

Linen closet

Banana hut

Turn-key business:

o   Appliances

o   Furniture

o   Mattresses

o   Linens

o   Tools

o   Fully-equipped kitchen


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Neighborhood Attractions

Diamante Valley:

o   Nauyaca Waterfall

o   Peacefalls

o   Goddess Falls

o   Jewel of the Sun, trails to waterfalls & Big Rock

o  Medicine temples

o   Amy's Space of Love

o   Tinamaste Farmers Market

o  Flying Trapeze & Aerial Silks

Nearby Beaches:

o   Dominical Beach

o   Baru Beach

o   Playa Hermosa

o  Surf lessons

o   Uvita, Whales Tail & Ventanas Beaches

o   Manual Antonio National Park

o  Paragliding

o  Snorkeling, kayaking & whale watching tours

o  Zipline, white water rafting tours

Perez Zeledon:

o   The nearby service city

o   Regional Agricultural Market

o  Hardware, groceries, supplies

o  Medical facilities

o  Rivas and Chirripo

It's Currently Light Rainy Season

Dry Season
  • January — April
  • Hot & Dry
  • Retreat Season. Join a week-long, all-inclusive, world-class retreat. Choose a focus in health, yoga, raw food &/or plant medicine.
Light Rainy Season
  • June — September, December
  • Warm, Sunny, Rainy, some Storms & Rainbows
  • Guest Season. Make your reservation & long-term visit. All our guest & health services are available.
Heavy Rainy Season
  • May, Oct — Nov
  • Warm & Rainy
  • Farm of Life is Closed in May, October and part of November. Please visit us another time.